Apps for Female Safety

For the very first time in Nepal, an app has been created for the safety and welfare of female. Considering the increment in women violence, Women Nepal has initiated the development of Rakshya App. Women Nepal is an organization dedicated to working for the welfare of Nepali women.

“Rakshya” app was developed by Techrodians Offshore Base and was launched at an event held in Trisara Garden in Kathmandu by Chief Guest Mr Lilamani Pokharel, Chief Secretary of Nepal Government and Guest of Honor Mrs Anuradha Koirala, Founder of Maiti Nepal.

To use Rakshya, a woman at first has to save a message by typing a text such as “I am in danger” or “Help me” along with her cell phone number and her number of her relatives/friends below that message.

When in danger, she has to press the power switch button two times, and the message is sent to the numbers which are saved in the app previously with the location where the corresponding female is located. Thus, help can be easily provided to the woman. Due to this app, a female is capable of self-protection.

Rakshya app can be downloaded from the website

Rakshya app is already available in Android and will soon be available in IOS platform. This app is easy to learn and share. With increasing smartphone users, this app helps reduce women violence and aid those who need help.

We hope that more innovations will come forward, which are dedicated to protect and help women to escape dangerous situations and get assistance when needed.