Bandana Sharma

22nd September 2022, Kathmandu

Bandana Sharma bags the honor of Best Women Performer in IT Award organized by Women Icon in association with Times Women. She was able to receive the honor under the category of “Women in IT Industry Leadership Award”.

Sharma is currently working as the Senior Manager(IT) in one of the oldest and pioneer banks of Nepal, Nepal Bank Limited. She was able to receive the award for her excellent service in aligning IT with the Nepal Bank Business Strategy.

Bandana started her IT journey in the year 2000 by enrolling in the BCA program of Pokhara University. After the completion of BCA, she further accomplished MSc. IT from Alagappa University, India.

She then started her Nepal Bank journey working as an IT support Officer in 2006 when the bank was undergoing a restructuring process and supported by World Bank and DFID.

During her time in the Bank, Sharma received several awards. One of which was the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and went on to receive a second Masters’s Degree in Network and E-Business Centered Computing.

Leaving behind several opportunities in Europe, she returned to her homeland and started working in Nepal Bank Limited again.

Currently, as an ISO (Information Security Officer), her main job is to identify the security risks of the bank and manage them promptly.

As a woman in IT, Bandana has done various kinds of research on workplace issues, working conditions, harassment, and violence in the world of banking, insurance, microfinance, ICT, and fintech sectors.

She has been recognized for such achievement by the Women Icon.

 Bandana aims to promote more participation of women in STEM as few women are working in these areas of expertise in upcoming years by providing safe and secure working conditions to them.

Sharma bagging the award is a proud moment and an inspiration for every Nepali woman.

About Women Icon Award:

Women Icon Award celebrates the life and efficiency of women who have achieved excellence in their way. It praises women for their skills and performance.

The award-winning celebration has been concluded in an impressive manner which triggers youngsters to reach their life goals without bothering about any issues.

The award hopes to inspire every woman and give them inspiration, confidence, and self-motivation to achieve something in the future.

Women Performer in IT Award


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