Celebrates Anniversary

13th May 2024, Kathmandu, a leading online platform focusing on the Nepali insurance sector, marks its 4th anniversary with a renewed commitment to increasing insurance access and fostering economic prosperity in the country. Launched with the mission of “Sustainable Development of Insurance for Economic Prosperity,” has established itself as a trusted source of insurance news and information for individuals, businesses, and policymakers alike. Celebrates 4th Anniversary

Reaching New Heights in Insurance Communication

Within its short lifespan, has carved a niche as a reliable communication bridge between various stakeholders in the insurance industry. This includes insured individuals, insurance workers, insurance companies, regulators, and the government. By facilitating information exchange, empowers informed decision-making and a more robust insurance ecosystem.

Gratitude to Readers and Supporters expresses its heartfelt gratitude to its readers, insurance professionals, regulatory bodies, government entities, and insurance companies for their continuous support. They recognize the invaluable contributions of information sources, news agencies, and advertisers who have fueled their growth journey.

A Force for Transparency and Advocacy takes pride in attracting a vast readership of over 1.5 million monthly visitors from Nepal and across the globe within just three years. They have emerged as a fearless voice, holding the insurance sector and the broader Nepali economy accountable. Their investigative journalism has unearthed crucial truths and exposed major corruption scandals, upholding the principles of press freedom and transparency.

Looking Forward: Building a More Inclusive Insurance Landscape

As embarks on its fourth year, they pledge to continue serving as a bridge between the public, insurance agents, companies, regulators, and the government. Their commitment extends to promoting insurance accessibility in underserved areas, raising insurance literacy nationwide, and ensuring equitable access to insurance products across all socioeconomic segments.

Collaboration for Sustainable Growth underscores the importance of collaboration in building a robust insurance sector. They aim to work with all stakeholders based on mutual respect and cooperation to achieve sustainable development and progress for the insurance industry.

Beyond Insurance: Championing National Goals recognizes the critical role of insurance in fostering good governance, eradicating corruption, strengthening the rule of law, and contributing to the development of a socialist economy as outlined in Nepal’s constitution. They remain committed to playing a proactive role in achieving these national objectives.

A Call to Action for Continued Support takes this opportunity to acknowledge its readers, advertisers, and well-wishers for their invaluable contributions and suggestions. They encourage continued support and reiterate their commitment to incorporating valuable insights from readers, industry experts, and regulators to shape a more prosperous future for the Nepali insurance industry.

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