Best Developer Tools and Explain Why? Browser for developer

Are you a developer? And do you know there is a browser that is primarily for a developer like you? If no, then let us know about the Firefox Developer Edition. Firefox Developer Edition is one which is built for those who create the web. It is the only browser made for developers. It inspects and debugs your app across any browser or device with Valence — a powerful, pre-installed extension that you’ll only find in Firefox Developer Edition. Firefox Developer Edition brings your core dev tools together with some powerful new ones that will extend your ability to work across multiple platforms from one place.

In this browser, you can,
1. Develop, deploy and debug Firefox OS apps directly in your browser, or on a Firefox OS device, with this tool that replaces App Manager.

2. See how your Website or Web app will look on different screen sizes without changing the size of your browser window.

3. Inspect and interact with Web Audio API in real time to ensure that all audio nodes are connected in the way you expect.

4. Examine the HTML and CSS of any Web page and easily modify the structure and layout of a page.

5. See logged information associated with a Web page and use the Web Console to interact with Web pages using JavaScript.