BIDHANA: Delivering Medicines At Your Doorsteps

BIDHANA - Buy Medicines Online in Nepal

A new mobile app now allows the essential medicines to be delivered to your home through mobile phones. Bidhana, a mobile app product of Three Monks Pvt. Ltd came into operation from February 1, 2019. More than 150 stores are registered under the app to distribute medicines to the user’s doorsteps. Over 1000 customers have been using Bidhana to order the required medicine and more than 50 orders are being placed each month.

Bidhana is digital software that establishes a platform between pharmacies and consumers for the online sale of medicine. They promote retail stores for buying and selling medicines and provide free medicine delivery service without any delivery charge.

Almost every medicine is available via this application and at a reasonable rate. The app is easy to use and saves a lot of time with the free home delivery service. It acts as a platform and doesn’t keep the inventory with them. Customers and pharmacies bargain digitally over Bidhana and the users can select the best price among a list of various quotations sent by the pharmacies.

Bidhana also provides features like Health News, Lab Services, Medicine Reminder, Water Meter, Step Tracker, Find Blood Donor, Locate Hospitals, Online Payment, Doctors on Call and TeleMedicine.

According to Three Monks Pvt. Ltd, Bidhana can be used to order medicines to your home without having to go to the pharmacy to buy them. According to the company’s Vision Unit head Hriyadayaman Shrestha, by downloading this app, the patient would be provided with the necessary medicines at their home.

He said, “Any patient will be able to send the photo of the prescription provided by the doctor, on the basis of those prescriptions, pharmacies will send the price quotations of those medicines and also bring the medicines to their home upon the request of the users.”


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