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1 January 2020, Kathmandu

Fast service began 15 percent tax refund on any purchase

The service has come to the market with the slogan that whatever is needed is immediately available. Fatafat, which was introduced on the occasion of the English New Year, has announced that it would also offer discounts on discounts.

In addition to genuine mobile devices, the company has launched a fast-track service for anyone wishing to purchase a range of accessories, gadgets, and electronic products online.

Old mobile devices can be exchanged for new mobile devices on the e-commerce platform run by Fatafat Seva Pvt. Ltd. and all sorts of electronic devices can be bought at a zero percent interest rate and on payment.

According to Jeevan Shrestha, Chairman of Fatafat Services Pvt., on the occasion of the launch of the service in the English New Year, the company provided products to customers in simple installments and also started insurance services for every mobile phone.

Under the discount bid, a 10% tax refund has been given for the purchase of any products from the Instant Service. This is the first time that such a facility has been provided in Nepal.

In the same way, Fatafat, which provides up to 15% discounts to online payers, has made the payment service seamless by signing agreements with various payment service providers. The company has confirmed that products purchased through instant service can be charged through eService, Cell Pay, Phone Pay, Pocket, and IME Pay, and only a 15% discount has been given to those who pay by these means.

Apart from this, Fatafat Seva has also provided a cash discount of Rs 10,000 to Rs 39,999 to those who buy motorcycles and scooters. Similarly, customers who purchase a mobile phone through the instant service will also get accident treatment expenses of up to Rs 10,000. In addition, goods can be purchased at a discount of up to 90 percent under the ‘Hot Offer’.

Consumers would also be able to order mobile devices and products made available by telephone. “Apart from online ordering, we have made arrangements to deliver mobiles and other goods to the customer’s home on a single call,” said Shrestha, Chairman of Fatafat Service.


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