There is something interesting news for the selfie loving girls. That is they spend 5 hrs per week just to take selfie. According to the survey of Newbie hands of feel unique online, girls aged from 16 to 25 spend 45 min per day to take selfie.

The 45 mins time is for the makeup they do before taking the picture, with the lighting effect and angle of the selfie. According to the news published on mi mar online, this counts to as girls spending 5 hours and 36 mins per week.

Mostly they take 3 selfies giving each selfie 16 minutes. The study done among 2000 girls shows that the culture of selfie has been increasing and also been taken as a source to portrait any message.

The study also has brought another important conclusion i.e the culture of taking selfie has increased self-esteem in people.

The study also tells that, today’s generation have been dependent for their self-esteem on the number of likes they get in their pictures they upload on the social media like Facebook, etc.