One plus 2 is a solid follow up on the successful handset.

 One plus 2 is not a running software which is holding off a star rating and full review treatment until any update provided.

The second tricky album is probably the best way to describe one plus 2. After the success of one plus one, there becomes a big expectation for a successor which has the fledgling Chinese brand.

The firm was dubbed as the flagship killer who is claimed to be more than a bit far fetched.

It is about to be more grounded claim to be the flagship killer. It might be done something again.

The price of one plus 2 is around half of the aiming phones rival. It’s just like the Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 and HTC one M9 with 16 GB model and with 64 GB.

It also comes into the Moto X style which slides between one plus 2 and top of tier handset.

It’s awe-inspiring with the bang of the buck.

There are not the facilities of NFC, micro SD, fast or wireless charging when the rare plate is removed.

It can be seen as minor perfection when claiming the beat handset which was launched next year with the company mission that is Never settled.

It’s not easy to buy actual higher priced competition with one plus. It only invites sales. Invites become more comfortable to come this time which claims two million people who had already registered.

The price is too low and tempting. One plus has imagined bringing all the elements which hit for second by failing one plus.


One plus one is a plastic design which was the first phone to start up and price knocked. It’s around the expecting market while one plus delivered.

One plus two is clotted with metal frames which are around its circumstances by giving the premium look handset and feel. It has a similar design as Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 with rear retaining removable plastic back plate.

One plus 2 is a textured grey affair which has the roughness of sandpaper. There is a whole heap of grip. When gripping the iPhone 6 plus, it doesn’t feel comfortable nor premium.