CEO of Commercial Banks in Nepal

5th, June 2020

Operating banks can be very challenging. With hundreds of deposits, withdrawal, receiving and granting loans, etc. can be troublesome. A successful bank needs a wise banker to lead the bank in the right direction. Similarly, we have come up with the names of CEO of Commercial Banks in Nepal under whose leadership; these high taxpayers have seen great success.

Below, we present the names and list of CEO of Commercial Banks in Nepal for 2020.

List of CEO of Commercial Banks in Nepal [Updated June 2020]

 S.N Name of Commercial Banks C.E.O of the Banks
1. Nabil Bank Ltd. Mr. Anil Keshary Shah
2. Global IME Bank Ltd. Mr. Parshuram Kunwar Chhetri
3. Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. Mr. Kiran Kumar Shrestha
4. Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. Mr. Jyoti Prakash Pandey
5. NIC ASIA Bank Ltd. Mr. Roshan Kumar Neupane
6. Everest Bank Ltd. Mr. Gajendra Kumar Negi
7. Himalayan Bank Ltd. Mr. Ashoke SJB Rana
8. Agriculture Development Bank Ltd. Mr. Anil Kumar Upadhyay
9. Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. Mr. Sanjeev Manandhar (Acting CEO)
10. Nepal Bank Ltd. Mr. Krishna Bahadur Adhikari
11. NMB Bank Ltd. Mr. Sunil KC
12. Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. Mr. Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar
13. Sanima Bank Ltd. Mr. Bhuvan Kumar Dahal
14. Prabhu Bank Ltd. Mr. Ashok Sherchan
15. Mega Bank Ltd. Mr. Anupama Khunjeli
16. Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.


Mr. Anukool Bhatnagar

Deputy CEO Mr. Subhakanta Kanungo

17. Siddhartha Bank Ltd Mr. Shambhu Nath Gautam
18. Machhapuchhre Bank Ltd. Mr. Suman Sharma
19. NCC Bank Ltd. Mr. Ramesh Raj Aryal

Deputy CEO Ms. Bandana Pathak

Deputy CEO Mr. Rewanta Kumar Dahal

Deputy CEO Mr. Sandip P. Pandey

20. Citizen International Bank Ltd. Mr. Ganesh Raj Pokharel
21. Laxmi Bank Ltd. Mr. Ajaya Bikram Shah
22. Kumari Bank Ltd. Mr. Surendra Bhandari
23. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd. Mr. Gyanendra Prasad Dhungana,
24. Sunrise Bank Ltd. Mr. Janak Sharma Poudyal
25. Century Bank Ltd. Mr. Tulasi Ram Gautam
26. Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. Mr. Shovan Dev Pant
27. Civil Bank Ltd. Mr. Govinda Gurung

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Tenure of CEO of Commercial Banks in Nepal

If you’re wondering how long does a Chief Executive Officer of a bank remain a Chief Executive, we have the answer right here!

In Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) is the governing bank. In simple words, it is the bank of the banks, a national government bank. NRB sets rules and policies to make sure that the financial status of the country as well as the commercial and development banks remain intact.

Similarly, NRB with the help of experts formulates an Act that keeps everyone under a common rule. They call this Act; Banking and Financial Institution Act (BAFIA).

If we dive into this BAFIA, we can find a section where they disclose the tenure of CEO of Commercial Banks in Nepal.

As per this Act, the CEO of a bank can remain the CEO of the same bank for a maximum of 2 terms. Now, each term has 4 years. This means the Chief Officer has a maximum of 8 years as the CEO of a bank.

Does this mean that after 8 years of serving as the CEO, they can never remain the CEO? Well, they can!

To reduce any personal gaining or personal bias, the BAFIA has carefully drafted its rules. A deserving banker can always come back to his/her position but after a certain break.

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Status of Commercial Banks in 2076/2077

The commercial banks of Nepal have earned Rs. 45.70 Arba in Net Profit during the current fiscal year. Similarly, in the last fiscal year, they made a Net Profit of Rs. 44.63 Arba in the first nine months. It is an indication that there has only been an increment by 2.50 percent in Net Profit compared to the fiscal year of 2076/2077.

Banks earning above 3 Arba in 2076/2077

Despite the decline in Net Profit due to the coronavirus, Nabil Bank manages to stay on top of the list. Mr. Anil Keshary Shah as the CEO, Nabil Bank Ltd made a Net Profit of Rs. 3.16 Arba in the third quarter of the current fiscal year. However, the bank made a Net Profit of Rs. 3.19 Arba the previous year in the same quarter.

After its merger with Janata Bank, Global IME, and CEO Mr. Parshuram Kunwar Chhetri has an impressive record of 3.15 Arba in Net Profit.

Filling up the 3rd spot is the Rastriya Banjiya Bank with Rs. 3.04 Arba in Net Profit. Previously in the same period, the bank made a Net Profit of Rs. 3.50 Arba.

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