CG Telecom Fiber Internet Service

22 March 2021, Kathmandu

The richest man Mr. Binod Chaudhary of Nepal is set his mind to launch his own Internet Service in Nepal. CG Group owned by Mr. Binod Chaudhary established CG Telecom to launch Fiber Internet Service in Nepal.

The market is already full of Internet Service providers like Nepal Telecom, World-link, Vianet. Will CG Telecom Internet Service get grasp the market.

The company is aggressively moving forward to establish fiber internet services. For that, CG Telecom has been constructing the necessary infrastructure for internet service.

In addition, the company is constructing a data center in Satungal, Kathmandu, to run internet services. According to reports, about 25% of the work has already been done and other work will be done in the next five months.

Furthermore, the company has started the procurement process for a point-to-point fiber link, an OLT (Optical Line Terminal), routers, and other required equipment and materials like routers, etc.

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About CG Telecom

CG Telecom is a telecommunications subsidiary of the CG Group. In 2013, CG purchased STM, a satellite-based rural telecom operator. As CG Telecom, they entered the telecommunications business.

While the government had previously agreed to grant the unified license to CG, the NTA has yet to officially award the license due to some issues. They have also not obtained the frequency spectrum required for the mobile communication system.

CG Telecom even planned to operate a 4G and a 5G network in the country. They have already decided to purchase 4G equipment from Huawei.

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