CG Telecom Kathmandu

1st April 2021, Kathmandu

The richest man Mr. Binod Chaudhary of Nepal is set his mind to launch his own Internet Service in Nepal. He is the owner of CG Group. CG Telecom is planning to expand its Internet Service in Nepal.

The company, whose license for mobile services has been revoked. Now has begun to develop the infrastructure needed to provide Internet service through fiber.

The market is already full of Internet Service providers like Nepal Telecom, World-link, Vianet. The question is will CG Telecom Internet Service get grasp the market.

According to NTA, the company has prepared the required infrastructure in Kathmandu to support Internet service operations. CG had an Internet service provider license despite the fact that the company’s unified license had been revoked.

The company is aggressively moving forward to establish fiber Internet services. For that, CG Telecom has been constructing the necessary infrastructure for Internet service.

CG has begun the process of buying required equipment such as point-to-point fiber connections, optical lines, and routers in preparation for the launch of fiber Internet.

CG has been registered as a public company whose license has been revoked. The Registrar of Companies recently granted the company approval to become a public company.

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