China is ahead of others compared on the basis of Technology. The lifestyle of people living in china is getting easier with the continuous growth and development on Technology. They have come across a long way from the start to this position to claim such a name in the world of Technology. And you would be surprised to know that robots have been working to cook food, wash dishes, take orders, etc in the restaurants of China.
These restaurants are situated in the Jinan town of Shanghai and Northern China. These Roberts have been programmed to take the orders from the customers and deliver the food as well. These robots have head and hands but they don’t have legs. Now, might be thinking if they don’t have legs how they are going to do this task as legs would be the most important for this job.
However they have a better option for legs that is wheels so that the work can be done fast and with ease. The floor for the robots have been painted with black where the robots move. The paints are closer to the table so that customers can stop the robots anytime they like to give orders. Robots have got 8 different types of button for 8 different foods which they can order by pressing the buttons according to their wish.
These robots can prepare quality Chinese food within 3 minutes. The foods are also said to be delicious as well. Also they can wash dishes in no time. These robots costs around 30 thousand dollar. according to the Nepalese price it is estimated to cost around 39 Lakh.
These use of Robots indicate that we have now living the Future that we were dreaming of and in some years there would be Robots working rather than Human Beings themselves. China has been the one to employ robots as workers however most of the developed countries will have the same in some years.
In Today’s days robots have been employed in different for different types of work. The only reason we are unaware of that is because they are either in the process of development or classified. Factories, manufactures are using the Robots to make their products, however it is the first time we have heard that Robots are serving in a Restaurants.