Skype being a Telecommunication Application has been a boon to the people who need to Contact each other. With its motto of making people connected with its service, it specializes in providing video chat and voice calls from Computers, Tablets, and Mobile devices via the Internet to other devices.
Skype is a famous software that has helped a lot of people to connect. Skype allows users to communicate by voice using a Microphone, Video by using a Webcam, and Instant messaging over the Internet. Recently during the earthquake in Nepal and ongoing aftershocks, Skype provided the service of free call to all the users in Nepal so that they can communicate with their friend’s relatives and loved ones.
Generally, users require Skype Credit or a subscription to call landlines or Mobile number. But call can be made to Nepal Telecom and NCELL through the help of Skype. No cost will be charged for making calls says Skype.
Not just inside Nepal but it wouldn’t cost even a penny to call outside Nepal. Skype is positive towards providing such service to Nepal knowing the hard times Nepal has gone through. But the important thing is that phone call should have Skype and an internet connection compulsorily.
However, the phone receiving the call is not necessary to have an internet connection. You can call the number by just going to the dialer of Skype. However, it is very involved from the view of security as the phone received won’t have the name of the phone from which the call is made. This may become a problem for mobile phone users as there are lots of people who are waiting for getting such an opportunity.
However looking at the bright side, Skype has provided an excellent service to the people of Nepal with its free call facility to Mobiles phones. It was with the Nepalese people in the time of need as well, and it is continuing to support its position and resources. And We hope to get such services in the future too. However such services are not to be misused.