We have always wanted to have someone to show us smartphones with the specs in the market. Usually we are unknown about the choice we make and we would have made if we knew about list of smartphones that were to be featured in our category. Some people might like certain features and other people may not. Its hard to really choose what phones to buy in these days when we have many options. We search in the internet and try to find many things about the phones. We do have websites that shows all the information about the smartphones we are searching but there are times we want certain features to fulfilled in the smartphones we are buying. But its not convenient to find those in those website as the process would be lengthy and even if feature is not the same you want, you may want to back off for buying that phones. So in short you might need a smartphone picker that helps your to find smartphones with the features that you are looking for. It will also be awesome if the app could find you a phone with particular needs that it can fulfill. It’s Google’s new smartphone chooser, an online tool designed to help you pick the right Android phone for your particular needs. We expected to it be an web application that will let user choose for options and find suitable phones according to their options choosen by the user. The options covers all other small features as well, so that user can get the perfect phone on their screen. The interface is really clean and users can easily go through the choices. The system does better the more narrowly confined your interests. Those phones which will be available soon in the market can also be found on the system. But the system seems to be not working properly as the suggestions for phones are not that satisfying. The expectations from the sites were very high. For now, this product shines most brightly as an alternative to the bloated, complicated shopping portals that wireless carriers have been foisting on us for years.The topics for choosing the phone according to your needs are unique like you can make choices of what type of camera you may need, about being productive, staying fit, messaging and communication, and even the way you express your style. Even after having such vague and unique ways for choosing the android phones, the web app has not been able to meet the expectation. With its rich built, it does attract more users but at last the results matter the most. Even if the web app is interactive, there are not much options that make it look like its the androids way of letting people choose as we know there is so much variety in android. The mobile phones are however choosed when your options start to match with the android phones. The system needs some improvements and ease of access as well. It generally favors touch screen devices to access the system.