Have you ever wanted to glow? There may have been a time in your life that you have wished you could join tiny bulbs in your clothes that you can glow in the dark or even during the day time. As a child we may have such desires. However what if the desires turn into reality? You wont believe that these days designers have been designing clothes so that they can brighten them with LED bulbs. Think about how cool it can be. LED bulbs are those bulbs which are power efficient and they are so tiny that they look good with the collab of dressess. Just this year, House of Fraser’s, one of Britain’s leading department stores, debuted its “technology enhanced gown” during the BAFTA awards. LED-enhanced outfits seem to be creating their own future in the fashion industry. Billions of dollars have been spent for these projects. And the fact that even popular celebrities have been supporting it is really making the things hyped. A London based technology fashion house called Cute Circuit created the first Twitter dress for singer Nicole Scherzinger in 2012. With these the revolution of dresses might also come soon. being able to assemble circuits and bulbs in the clothes and program them can bring a new sensation in the world of fashion as well as technology. It is a rare opportunity to the technology and fashion come together though there are some too. The LED’s can be programmed so that they can show the tweets with specific hashtags to flash across the dress. Cool, isn’t it? Other celebrities have also been clients of the cure circuit. But you maybe thinking its just for the celebrities and the red carpet. Its not like that. California-based technology fashion company, Electric Styles makes LED-shoes, light-up electro hoodies, bras, neckties and caps for the not-so-famous. Some companies even have started making clothes that can display messages via Bluetooth and helps communicate people. Imagine you want to impress some one but you are too afraid to approach him/her. You can just light up the bulbs in your clothes to start a conversation as you wont be having their numbers before the conversation takes place. So here is a future that have been possible with imagination and innovation. Its not only going to bring a revolution in the world of fashion but also to the digital community. Who knows how many possibilities are there for clothes that light up. Someday you will be able to change the design of your clothes as they can be programmed with LED lights. This way clothes will also be recycled and there is an opportunity for creativity too. Cute Circuit has embarked to create LED outfits that allow customers to change designs from a selection of patterns from the company’s database. “It’s a very interactive dress,” said Cute Circuit’s CEO Francessa Rosella. “It makes you want to move more and be active to showcase the color.”The company wants customers to buy a dress with various patters as the possibility rather than buying multiple dresses. According to a textile, these LED embedded textile are durable, versatile and powered by mini rechargeable batteries as big as a “pinky.”