Facebook messenger App will no longer be tracking your location from now on. It is to the user interest to let or not let the messenger follow down your address. Users can themselves disable the location services. “Sending a location is completely optional,” Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook’s head of product for Messenger, said in a blog post published Thursday.
People nowadays are concerned about their privacy and with it comes the issue of sharing the information. Users were worried about how location used to be sent by the messenger App, and now there are a series of steps to submit your site to someone.
To share where you are, tap on the “More” button on the bottom right of a Chat Window, then select “Location.”The messenger App will not ask for data or keep the data from the background. It will only send if the users intend to.
You should also look through your chat threads to see if location tracking is on for each conversation. To be on the safe side so that no one is tracking your location, you should open the setting tab in the Android App and disable the area altogether.
Previously the App attached the location and geographical map to all the message automatically. Now the updated version won’t have that problem. Facebook started rolling out the update Thursday.
Many people were not aware of the Geological tracking of the App, and therefore such people might have been a risk with this feature.
The App made it possible to pinpoint the sender’s location to less than a meter, According to Aran Khanna’s Medium blog post. There are times when sharing place is excellent and useful.
It is good when your Friends and Family can know about it. However, Facebook is a place where we are connected to many people, and the information to our location can be a danger to our-self.
Giving the user to control what to share in the excellent effort Facebook has worked on. Messenger App is one of the biggest messaging App should at least provide that control to the user.