Cooperative Services Developing

26th November 2022, Kathmandu

After providing banking facilities in the undeveloped region of Dolakha, it has been a lot easier for people living there. Janchetan saving, also known as a corporative loan organization, has been giving this service in the northern side through various techniques, which has been easier to cope with, says the share chairman.

Chairman of share says,’ District’s most undeveloped region bigu gaupalika 1 lamabagar has banking facility since past 3  years built through service providers have made people’s life easier.’  When the service center was not available, it was hard.

Whether depositing money or taking out the sent money, people had to travel to Singati or Charikot. Now there’s no such problem, and people can take it out or deposit from their place for this chairperson of share was very happy.

Fast and modern banking services have been provided, says singati, chairman of share Bina Karki.

Lamabagar’s Juna Thakuri says,’ When there was no facility of Sahakari for loan people had to plead their boss time and again.’

Jansachetan corporative has been providing service centers to 5 heads aiming northern region. Corporative organization head Hemanta Kumar said the service center had been provided through the Gaurishankar Gaupalika Singati service center, Saingwa service center, Jagat service center, and Kalishrok service center. According to him, services like pieces of information related to banking and IME has been provided.

Jagat service center head Nirmala Pandey says,’ Among the 5 service center in Northern side IME service share has been taken,’

Most people from the northern region are abroad. Share leader says IME has been much easier for people staying here or those abroad.

Service center head Laxmi Thapa says,’ On the financial year of Babre service center till now 8 hundred 40 people have taken IME for their service whereas 34 people have been taking banking service.

According to Thapa, through Kalinchowk service center, 11 hundred 70 people are share leaders from wards 1 and 2. Through the service center, ten females run small-scale industries.

For small-scale industry womens who want to uplift their work has been provided with no collateral loan. From Gaurishankar rural municipality wards no. 8 and 9 and big rural municipality wards no 1 and 2, 37 to 70 people take IME service per month. Through the Jagat service center, there are seven hundred 47 share leaders.

Jansachetan corporative has been providing prabidhimaitri service to 16 service centers. For undeveloped regions like Dolakha, this service has been the most influential.

Corporative technology has ended the trend where people used to carry money plus card too.

Even some people withdraw money from ATMs and buy their stuff with cash, but due to mobile banking services have become much more accessible,r these days, says the share chairman. People are simply collecting money in their accounts and using it for various purposes.

Cooperative news technology head Ramesh Lamichhane said even though banks and financial corporative are giving us enough services, cooperative organizations are also not that less. According to him, software through the browser is used, whereas the cooperative has provided prabidhimaitri courtesy to 16 service centers.

We can send or receive money through a cooperative, whereas they have their app. Suitable organizers say cooperative organizations have been providing these services since 2070.


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