Have you ever been heard about Izmir? The former inhabitant who made this called Pearl of west a key city when Greeks ruled. It’s not an old history.

While moving towards the universe the first we talk about china but china is not the world fastest growing cities neither we call India. We come to know about turkey which has the port city called Izmir which has 4 million denizens that was listed in the history books one contemporary charts.

While countdown of top 10 in 2014, this country does not make nation news. After the research of brooking Institution, turkey make us surprised who compiled the list Joseph Parela ranks the cities by  index, growth in employment with rise per capital not growth in employment with rise per capital not by population growth. It’s really appreciate the measure of increasing economic firepower.

It has become a Hub of high-tech. Last year, it was achieved the great things that is its employment grown up by 6.6% in comparison of other cities. This is the great achievement of Izmir.

While talking about China, the gambling city Mecca, Macau become the top of the index due to its GDP rises by 8 percent in per capital. While going through population it’s just 574200. So there is no more economic impact. While coming down to the large cities, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai lower on the list behind this about the china’s medium sized cities.

There is going to be the suit expansion of gigantic and unwisely urban center in latin America with Mexico city and Sao Paulo. An urban specialist Jaana Remes says that, the best low term growth is population as nation one by one which exists a process of rural-to urban migration. There are more than 440 emerging market cities which accounts half of the world’s growth in the next decade mainly in Africa.

While talking about economic growth of India. It is absent on top 10 but is ranked Delhi on 18th while Mumbai, Kolkotta and Chennai on the top 60. Us has started to be ahead as to recover the economy. Texas, Raleigh, North Carolina Fresno and California is included on the top 60 global cities.

Macau has the big changes on the list due to its service economy as gambling and hotel center but a lot of money has turned into small place and its been sliding recent months due to massive crackdown.