Nepal Telecom App Reviews

13 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecom App Review

The state-owned telecom service: Nepal Telecom (NT), on its 10th anniversary, launched a beta version of its Android app “Nepal Telecom” for its 8 million users. This app is developed by FOCUS ONE Nepal for Nepal Telecom. It has an average rating of 3.8 in Google Play Store and 6,203 total reviews. To use this app, you have to grant it privilege to your contacts, calendar, phone calls, SMS, and call information. We’ll be looking into the app’s features and services in this review. ­­


Like every other app, for you to use “Nepal Telecom,” you have to be a registered user. The registration form is quite simple and requires the users’ name, email address, phone number, date of birth, gender, and password. After being a registered user, you can log into the app with your phone number and password as login credentials. Once you are registered, NT welcomes you in by giving away some free data. The design on the home page is quite simple, and NT’s signature blue color adds to its appeal. The home page shows your balance, your remaining data, data validity date, and offers (if you have any). Just below all that, you can see the list of features that this app provides you.

Features ­­

Let’s review what features of the app “Nepal Telecom” are:

  • The array of data packages that had to be brought from the dial pad using *1415# are now accessible from the app and can be bought quickly. There are free and paid gift packages to look out for too.
  • You can recharge both prepaid and postpaid numbers using a 13 or 14-digit recharge PIN.
  • You can now transfer balance using the NT app from one prepaid number to another.

The Friends and Family Call Service (FNF)

 Here you can add up to five friends and family members owning Nepal Telecom’s telephone number, who you can call at a discounted price even during business hours. You can add and delete any FNF members and modify the list accordingly. There are also options for subscribing to the FNF service.

  • This app also shows you the list of the latest voice and data offers.
  • Prepaid roaming, CUG, FTTH, ADSL, Leased Line, Easy phone, audio notice board, toll-free phone, and WIMAX information are provided for the users’ convenience.
  • You can view your voice, SMS, data, and packages usage history.
  • Web recharge, mobile top-up, landline payment, ADSL bill payment, and FTTH bill payment services are available.
  • Browse through Tariff for various NT services like 3G, ADSL, WiMAX, Pre-paid, and Post-paid mobile services.
  • List of other NT related apps.
  • A platform to register user complaints.
  • Contact information for different Directorate for users’ convenience.
  • Company information and privacy policy along with an events tab.


Although NT tried, this “Nepal Telecom” app can hardly be called successful as it has more complaints than pleased users.

  • Users are displeased that this app uses SMS service to perform every task. This, in turn, consumes user balance more.
  • They are not pleased about the fact that this application cannot differentiate between pre-paid and post-paid numbers. Users have to choose their options along with every task.
  • It has many options for enabling its services but non for disabling any services that users might find troublesome.
  • Highly demanded services like online recharge, call waiting enabling/disabling, voice mail retrieval, etc., are unavailable.
  • Information present in the application is highly outdated.
  • SMS are sent without user conformations.

Considering everything, this app has more negative reviews than positive ones. The features that do work properly in the app are those which could also as easily be accessed without the app. If NT focuses on bringing on features that the customers are highly in need of, this app could still be salvaged. If not, the app cannot be called helpful.


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