Daraz Sahayatri

12th July 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal’s leading online marketplace Daraz has announced the re-launch of its successful Daraz Sahayatri Program, a stimulus package that was initiated last year to help the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) recover from the economic impact of COVID-19.

Last year, Daraz waived marketplace fees for four months for the SMEs, helping 8000+ businesses to sell online for the first time. As per the company, the main objective of the Daraz Sahayatri Program is to help such businesses recover faster through fee waivers, comprehensive online training, weekly payout cycles, and additional financing programs.

Furthermore, through the program, new businesses moving online for the first time will now be able to sell on Daraz without bearing any marketplace fee for the next three months up until the Daraz Dashain Dhamaka campaign. The Daraz Sahayatri Program has been launched with key new additional initiatives which include Seller Promises 2021.

Key highlights of the Daraz Sahayatri Program and Daraz Seller Promises 2021 include the following:

• No marketplace fees for SMEs starting to sell online for the first time for the next 3 months
• Reduced seller payout cycles from 14 days to only 7 days for all Daraz sellers
• Exclusive SME financing partnership with preferred conditions in collaboration with
banking partner Nabil Bank
• Accelerated sign-up process enabling new sellers to go online within 24 hours of signup
• Seller queries via live chat to be handled within 30 seconds during business hours
• Comprehensive e-commerce training and education initiatives via Daraz University
“The domestic economy, particularly small and medium-sized businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and the recent lockdown. Only if our sellers thrive our 10+ Lakh customers across the country can benefit. Therefore, it is one of our key objectives to help our 10,000+ sellers on the platform to recover quickly and further give more businesses the opportunity to sell online without any risk.

Our Sahayatri program and our Seller Promises with its faster payout cycles, optimized onboarding, reduced fees, more training, and special financing options will contribute to bringing businesses back on track”. – LINO AHLERING, MANAGING DIRECTOR, DARAZ NEPAL Owned by Alibaba Group, Daraz is the leading online shopping platform in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar.

Daraz’s SME-focused initiatives are part of its mission to make it easy to do business in the digital age. Daraz Nepal hosts more than 6 Lakhs products from Electronics, Fashion, Groceries to Household products with over 10,000 sellers. And now, Daraz is preparing for their next sales campaign “Mahabachat Bazaar” starting on 18th July 2021.


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