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17th August 2022, Kathmandu

‘Demystifying Data Science’ workshop organized by Girls in Tech Nepal which is being held on August 21st-22nd.

Data Science has always been a fascinating topic that encompasses everything from data sourcing, cleaning and analysis, feature engineering, modeling, and prototyping to full-blown engineering. It is a core essential for modern businesses yet not all companies or products know what is needed to add a data discipline that will help drive their vision.

To provide guidance to Data Enthusiasts towards a career in Data Science, we are organizing a 2-day workshop on “Demystifying Data Science”.

About the event

Day 1:

– Discuss Career Path in Data Science
– Discuss the Tools and References for Data Analytics
– Session on getting Data from Kaggle and Data Clean Up
– Notebook walkthrough to get a small data set and just do some basic Exploration

Day 2:

– What is Machine Learning and different Machine Learning algorithms (Discuss some of the popular ones at a high level)
– Building a Model
– Take one example and build a model in a notebook
– Different Domains and Industries where Data Science is valuable
– Discuss examples in Cyber Security

About the Speaker:

Nirmal Budhathoki.

Mr. Budhathoki is currently working as a Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft. He has also worked with companies like VMWare and Wells Fargo in Data Science.

As a US federal government employee, He has worked for the Department of Navy in their Cyber Security operations team for five years. He is also a United States Army Veteran (served: 2010 – 2014).

Nirmal loves working in the rare area of intersection between cyber security and data science, where there are ample challenges to tackle.

He has worked in the emerging technologies of big data and applied machine learning.


Date: 21st- 22nd August 2022

Time: 8: 30 to 11: 30 AM

Venue: Zoom

Registration Link:

All genders are welcomed.


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