Department Of Cyber Security As A Separate Government Wing

Meeting with Minister of Information and Communication Mr. Sher Dhan Rai.

cyber security team

Location:  Ministry of Information and Communication, Singha Durbar

Time: 1.00 PM local time


  1. Presentation to the Minister about cybersecurity in Nepal.
  2. Proposal for formation of Department of Cyber Security as a separate government wing.
  3. Other various proposals to improve the level of cybersecurity in Nepal.


Cyber Security International (CSI) Nepal held a significant and crucial meeting with Minister of Information and Communication Mr. Sher Dhan Rai at his Singha Durbar office.

Dr. Ramhari Subedi, Chairman of CSI Nepal, gave a presentation to Minister Rai on the situation of cybersecurity in Nepal, its need and some recommendations to enhance the cybersecurity level of Nepal. He gave a brief insight into the looming cyber threats and the fragility of the available infrastructure.

The proposal of formation of a Department of Cyber Security as a separate government wing was the main recommendation presented by Dr. Subedi, which will be crucial in better dealing with all the cyberspace-related policy-procedures and criminal activities. CSI Nepal urged Minister Rai to take this proposal to the top level and move ahead with fast implementation.

Other members of the CSI Nepal team Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari, Mr. Shakar Pd. Sharma and Mr. Bharat Raj Uprety also spoke about the need to put cybersecurity at top priority from the government level. All of them pointed out the obligation to update the policies that govern the cyberspace in Nepal.

Minister Rai accepted the reality of looming cyber threats. He agreed to the team’s request to take the proposal of forming a separate government wing to deal with cyber-related issues to the decision-level. Since the department would be under the Home Ministry, he assured to move ahead in coordination with them.

He also pointed out the need to spread awareness about the real threats posed by cyber attacks and praised CSI Nepal’s current campaign of organizing awareness programs at the grassroots level. He also assured to lobby from government level to help make this campaign a huge success.