Vaccine for Covid-19

13th May 2021, Kathmandu

The Ministry of Health’s Department of Health Services has begun collecting an online list of new COVID-19 vaccinators.

The department is planning a separate online website for this purpose, as well as compiling a list of new vaccinators through the same portal.

The vaccine web portal ( allows the person who wishes to be vaccinated to fill out their personal information for the first time.

According to the website, the department’s vaccine management division will be supported with vaccination through the Covid 19 vaccine application form.

Similarly, it has been reported that the online portal will provide details on which centers an individual can get vaccinated at, as well as data. Similarly, it has been reported that getting vaccinated would be easier for those traveling abroad.

In the web port, the individual must provide personal information and information about whether or not they have any diseases.

Dr. Jhalak Sharma Gautam, Head of the Department’s Child Health and Immunization Services Branch, announced that the online registration program for first-time vaccinators had been launched.

“It is possible to fill in the information voluntarily and collect data on how many vaccinations we can need,” Dr. Gautam explained. It is not for those who have already been vaccinated. Data was gathered from people who had not been immunized against Covid-19.

According to him, it is being managed by the department’s Information Management Unit, and the data will be stored in the same place. Depending on may vaccine policy will be implemented in the future.

However, the ministry or department does not know the specifics of the web ports that must be filled out for the vaccine.

When asked why Dr. Gautam only got the link on social media, it was not officially made public. He replied, “I didn’t even know it. I understand and tell you.” ‘

On the other hand, some users have complained about social media that the website is sluggish and that entering their information is difficult.


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