Gyapu Mobile App

13th May 2021, Kathmandu

Gyapu – a Nepali e-commerce platform, has had over 1 lakh downloads of its mobile app. The mobile app for Gyapu Marketplace has been downloaded over 1 lakh times from the Google Play Store.

Gyapu Marketplace ( was launched with free home delivery of essential products such as vegetables, fruits, and food grains during the first lockdown.

“The journey that began in Lockdown was definitely not an easy one,” said Gyanendra Khadka, founder and CEO of Gyapu. Our journey, which has progressed with the general customer and with encouragement, also celebrated its first anniversary on Baishakh 1st.

He said that the Nepali market, which is not used to e-commerce, has shown tremendous support. As a result, the Gyapu Marketplace app has received over one lakh downloads on the Google Play Store.

Gyapu, which has been providing over 700 free deliveries every day across Nepal for over a year. Now we have become a popular option for many.

We credit our success to all of our clients, suppliers, and employees, who work day and night, even during the Covid Pandemic, as well as our media friends who mock our hostess.

Without their assistance, our fruitful journey would not have been possible. In the coming days, we look forward to your continued support and constructive criticism.


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