Digital Identity and the COVID-19 Conspiracy

Digital Identity and the COVID-19 Conspiracy

May 22, 2020, Kathmandu

We are hearing a lot of news regarding the intent of Bill Gates and Digital Identity to microchip the world population using COVID-19 Vaccine.

Now, it is overwhelming to hear such news but perhaps we need to first fully understand what digital identity is.

Breaking Down Digital Identity

Digital Identity, or ID2020, is a non-profit funded by a diverse range of businesses, NGOs, Government, and Individual sponsors. Its biggest sponsor being Microsoft and Bill Gates.

In simple words, if you interact with any kind of technology on the internet, then you have a digital identity. So does that mean your interaction with Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Amazon means you have a digital identity? Yes. Most of us already have a digital identity.

What is the ID2020 Initiative?

Breaking Down Digital Identity

Every day, we rely on various forms of identification to go about our daily lives. We use our driver’s license, passport, work identifications, tax identification, and many more.

The idea of ID2020 is to shift into the digital platform completely. Technology is evolving, to make our lives easier and more secure. The ID2020, the non-profit have made their research, and they have come to know that for every seven people globally, one lacks the means to prove their identity. Therefore, a digital ID offers access to all vital social and basic services to individuals and enables them to exercise their rights in the modern economy.

It is fascinating to know that there are over more than 1 billion people globally who are unable to prove their identity through any legal means. This means that these people are without civil protection, are unable to access basic services, or transact in the modern digital economy.

The basic idea of the ID2020 is to develop a system in which individuals have complete control over their identification and health documentation. Hence, a digital identity that allows this information to be accessible anywhere in the world but only with their consent.

The core of ID2020

Yes, the digital identity means having your one place information about everything you are and you do, in a digital cloud. This kind of sound very fishy and can result in interfering in the privacy of people. However, the corporation has core beliefs which are as follows:

  • Private: All information will remain private and you control your own identity. To clarify, you have complete control of what data you share and with whom.
  • Portable: It does not matter where you are, these data will be accessible from anywhere and through multiple methods. You won’t need to carry your passports, driving license, work permits, etc.
  • Persistent: You will not be deprived of basic civil services due to a lack of identification. This digital ID lives with you from life to death.
  • Personal: The information will be unique to you.

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Conspiracy: ID 2020 seeking to microchip the world population using a COVID-19 vaccine

The allegation against Bill Gates is that he is using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to push a vaccine with a microchip capable of tracking you.

This theory sounds much more like a movie plot.

To eradicate such controversy and get you aware, we’re taking some factual standpoints.

Gates never proposed or funded any research for COVID-19 or anything else that can inject into our bodies to monitor, track, or control us.

So why is there even a Conspiracy Theory?

Well, Bill Gates has a foundation focused on providing health services at remote places. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded a pilot study into a potential vaccine device. This device would leave an invisible mark detectable by a smartphone to help identify people who tested positive or negative from the coronavirus. However, the project and the technology were dismissed, and the device was not capable of tracking or monitoring.

But since his ID2020 project is about digital identity, some theories believed that his vaccine was to activate the ID2020 project at this pandemic.

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The Bottom Line

Gates and his foundation have been working to find a technological solution to many problems related to health for decades. There was a misrepresentation in the vaccine project and the confusion over the digital identity.

This confusion gave rise to a conspiracy.


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