HDFC Bank Data Hack Leads to 2K+ Aadhar Card Details Leak

Nepali Hacker Claims to Have Hacked HDFC Bank

May 22, 2020, Kathmandu

On an ongoing cyber war between Nepali and Indian hackers, an anonymous hacker @Omsec5 claims to have hacked HDFC Bank’s data. Along with the link to the leaked data, the hacker also posted a sample saying the data is from HDFC Bank’s database.

HDFC Bank Data Hack Leads to 2K+ Aadhar Card Details Leak

The hacker claims to have leaked 2K+ Aadhar card details. The leaked data includes personal information like Account holder name and number, IFSC number, Email id, User ID, Login ID, PAN Number, and more. Moreover, the hacker has asked the National Nodal Agency for Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure (NCIIPC) and HDFC Bank to verify the sample.

The first tweet from the hacker also mentions that more is coming:

Nepali Hacker Claims to Have Hacked HDFC Bank

How did it Start?

The hacks on different government and non-government sites have been going on back and forth. It started with an Indian hacking group “Indian Cyber Troops” defacing the dprobanke website.

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In response, the Nepali hacker “Satan” leaked the fabric’s API Key of ABPNews. Similarly, he also leaked the details of the students of the University of Ladakh. And, he claims to have attacked the database of Jalpaiguri Engineering College.

Nepali hacker “Satan” leaked the fabric’s API Key of ABPNews

The same hacker (or group) has leaked Nepali data before such as Tribhuvan University Teaching Staff and Prabhu Money Transfer’s data.

The Indian hacker group was previously active in hacking Pakistani and Chinese sites. This is the first time they have been involved in hacking a Nepali site.

The reason behind this is the release of a new political map of Nepal. There have been many disputes before but it is the first time we are witnessing a cyberwar between Nepali and Indian hacker groups.

Cyberwar Should Have Ended

Nepalese hackers Satan (@satan_cyber_god) and BRAHMA (@ETERNALBrahma) had hacked several Indian sites. Similarly, the Indian Cyber Troops had also confirmed the hacking of several Nepalese sites.

On Friday (May 22), the hacker group from India claimed that they have come under agreement with Nepali hackers to stop hacking each other’s sites. The group tweeted saying let’s not lose the brotherhood of India and Nepal over small issues and let the Governments handle everything.

Cyber Troops Indian

However, BRAHMA did not want to stop. With the recent hack of HDFC bank data by a new hacker, the situations may worsen.

Hackers of India and Nepal had agreed to stop targeting each other countries

SATAN is also backing BRAHMA and claims that more is coming as it is just a demo.

It is not the first time that Nepali sites have been hacked. The only difference is that previously Nepali hackers were behind it and now Indian hackers are all over Nepali sites. The Cyber Bureau officials may be monitoring the activities but they could do nothing but watch.

We hope that both countries resolve these issues in a political and diplomatic way peacefully. The cyber war will only lead to the exchange of hateful comments and data leaks.

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