Dubsmash is an App which has now become a trend in just some days. This App lets you choose a famous Sound, Record a video on it, and show it or post it in the Social Media.

It requires Android 4.1 and up. You can find this App in both in Android, and I phone. It is an exciting App which lets you have fun with great sounds and record them with your video.

 Dubsmash includes different type of sounds ranging from cartoons to famous movies and also ads.


It has been rated as 4.1 by the user in Google play. We are not sure of the continuity of the use of this app, but more and more videos have been updated on social media with the continuity of increasing popularity of the App.

 It lets you be a dubber just with the help of the App. Some of the reviews suggest that the App has been a lot of fun to many people and some are hoping for a good update as they are suffering from a lag.

 Some are even wishing it to be available for older versions of Android as well. The good thing about the app is, it lets you be silly with yourself.

 Dubsmash has been famous because of its unique features and the love of people towards it.