Online job is one of those jobs which has been a choice of many people. It has been attracting many people recently as it is the best and easiest way of being self-employment and who would want to work under any other people when you have the choice of self-employment.
So the question remains, Are you willing to be on of those? If you are, then you are in the right place reading the right piece of article. We are looking forward to providing different home based online jobs here in Nepal.

Educational background won’t be considered to be a big factor; however, SLC is mandatory.

Our online business packages are simple and easy to perform as it doesn’t require any particular skill. The types of job that we offer are:

1.Google Ad-sense:

Google Ad sense has been an excellent platform to earn money for many people. With the excellent work, it pays off right as well. You can easily earn Rs.15000 to Rs 30000 per month. Those who are dedicated to it are even making more than Rs.100000 per month. So hurry up and join us without wasting your time and let us guide you to earn money from the internet. People who are expert in ad sense and who want to make money using our website or blog can contact us as soon as possible to be a part of the team.

2. Content uploading:

Its a process of uploading different contents like articles, media, news reporting, etc. on the web. We will also guide you through all the means of Content uploading. It is easy to learn as well.

3. Web Designing and Development:

A website is incomplete without a designer and developer; therefore, we will also be hiring them. They are also the pillars of a site, so if you are interested, you can let us know anytime you want by giving us a call.

4. Article Writing:

Articles can be written in any categories. The difference is that we will be writing instead of reading. However, we are here to guide on this job as well. So that you can earn the right amount of money. Here we have provided some of the topics for you to write articles for. Like the ones are given below:

a. Online Jobs in Nepal:

You can write an article on this topic and who knows you may be able to earn Rs. 1000 per items.

b. PayPal Solution in Nepal :

You can also write articles about Paypal solution in Nepal. It can also make you a good sum of money. There are other differences such topics that might make you the right amount of money. We will teach you further on how to write good articles as such. We also provide interested people with an adequate amount of training so that they know how to perform well in their respective job. The practice won’t need any extra handworks; however good management of handling information that is learning. The posts are flexible as they can be done full time or part-time. There are no restrictions and limitations until you work. The more you work, the more you earn.

Some of our training courses include:

1. Web Designing and Development.
3. Photoshop.
4. Content uploading.
5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
6. Article Writing.
7. Google AdSense.
8. HTML.
9. Data Entry Job.
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