Dynamic Academic ERP Schools

25 April Kathmandu, 2020

Result publishing has always been a tedious work that requires you to be accurate and diligent. From the printing of the report cards to its distribution, it surely is a burden for many institutions financially and takes a lot of their valuable time. Especially during this pandemic where large gatherings and human contacts are to be avoided, result distribution almost feels impossible. But Dynamic Academic ERP has been making that impossible, possible for more than 450 educational institutions in Nepal even in the COVID times.

By using Dynamic Academic ERP, schools can easily upload the results. And after downloading its application from either the App Store or Play store, students, teachers, and parents can easily access the results. The app allows parents and teachers to monitor the progress of any student easily. Complaint and suggestion management, daily attendance record, progress report, homework and assignment records, and other features of the app helps the school, teachers, and parents to work for the betterment of any particular student closely. The digitally published results are available for reference to the parents and teachers throughout the academic year. With the use of Dynamic ERP, educational institutions can deliver results to their students in a cost-efficient way and saving a lot of their time.

Apart from the mechanism to efficiently publish results, Dynamic Academic ERP has many other features to help schools, colleges, and universities improve their quality of services. Features such as the Fee Management, HR, and Payroll Management, Budget Management allow institutions to track their financial records with a simple click. Whereas Transport Management, GPS Tracking will enable schools to ensure safety for the students of their institutions. It’s easy to use interface, and customized login makes the user’s experience satisfying. And the Multi-School and Branching System allow large institutions to operate in a contemporary way.

Times like this are an opportunity for us to consider our ways of doing things. As our education system still relies on old and conventional methods, it is high time that we change it. A digital system for schools will provide an opportunity for every stakeholder to develop and contribute to the fullest. And Dynamic Academic ERP is a fantastic way for us to digitize our education system, helping our students with the best guidance possible, whereas making schools self-reliant and productive.


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