Google Education Group Starts Training Schools For Online Education In Nepal

25 April Kathmandu, 2020
We all are aware of the current situations created by COVID-19. Fear of COVID-19 has locked everyone in their own homes. As a result, almost all the services are out of operation. Educational activities in schools and colleges are waiting for the end of lockdown. Schools are searching for alternative ways of teaching. Some schools have even started teaching online.
To help the schools in Google Education Group (GEG) Kathmandu has started training the ICT teachers. The Group will be teaching the ways of using free Google products like for the use of Google tools. According to Sushil Upreti, co-leader of the group, at the initial stage, GEG Kathmandu is training ICT teachers and principals. People from 101 private schools in Bhaktapur are getting the training. GEG Kathmandu is organizing the program in association with PABSON Bhaktapur and Vedanta Publications.

The program runs 2 hours a day and will run for 5 days for a total of 10 hours. In the training duration, the ICT teachers will learn to use free Google Services. They’ll be learning the proper use of Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Forms, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and so on.

Yesterday was the first day of the training. A total of 176 people were present in yesterday’s session. Organizer believes it is a trainer developing training. The trainees will be teaching to the teaching staff in their respective schools. As a result, training a few people will spread knowledge to a large mass.

GEG Starts Training Schools For Online Education

GEG Kathmandu has been continuously working for the digitalization of the way of teaching-learning activities. The group also trains for the Google Certified Educator. Being a Google Certified Educator is gaining worldwide recognition as a teacher. GEG Kathmandu provides the necessary guidance for the preparation. It also assists in the exam arrangement.

GEG Kathmandu definitely deserves praise for organizing the program. We wish, such programs are organized all over the country and schools start online education as soon as possible.

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