Samsung Galaxy S7 Flex? Samsung launching its first foldable phone in January

We all knew that Samsung is working on its foldable smartphone from the same time. Before, it was taken as rumor, but now Samsung itself has confirmed in March that they are building a foldable phone. Finally, the foldable smartphone is seeming closer to the reality.

The inside sources has told that the foldable phone is coming in two models viz one with Qualcomm Snapdragon 620 chip and other with more powerful Snapdragon 820. These phone are expected to have 3GB RAM, and a microSD card for extra storage and a non-removable battery.

The first foldable phone will feature flexible display made of plastic. Samsung has always been experimenting with its screen like of galaxy S6 edge and Note Edge. This foldable phone will have larger display so that it can be easier for carrying. According to the information that was leaked this is being referred to as the Project-V internally, V for valley.

The Project Valley will be ready by January next year and we could expect to catch a look at it in the MWC by end of February.