Farewell Facebook: Be More With Less

We deleted our iPhone facebook app for the same reason. In the world, the most popular social networking site having the world’s largest population under one website, Facebook has already crossed its users by 1.5 billion per month basis. Seeing this thing, we feel like there are scarce people in the world who doesn’t use Facebook.

One billion people in one day use Facebook. Huh?? Is it true?? This the very thing that we get shocked. Facebook has been like our very close friend that we have been sharing our things, photos, and life’s decision and so on, on Facebook. Our thinking, ideas, feelings, state, planning, information, news and facts including everything, we share on our Facebook profile and also through the medium of Facebook it has been very easy for us being in touch and contact with our brother, sisters and other family members.

There are some benefits that we get from Facebook, and they are positive as well. But, Facebook’s addiction has been so increased that now it has also been creating adverse effects.  Because of which, before using Facebook we have to think very nicely with a cold mind.  While seeing some adverse effects, it is better to leave using Facebook.  The six reasons for going using Facebook are as follows:

Facebook has been wasting your time: According to one study, the person who is using Facebook since last ten years, in that ten years’ interval that person has spent their whole 40 days of life in Facebook every year.

Typically, the person who uses Facebook for a particular time; also, they spend their time on Facebook at least for 17 minutes. The person who use Facebook for 1 hour a day spend 150 days in using Facebook in a whole year. It has been seen the people who use Facebook for a maximum time keep wasting their time on Facebook by liking and commenting on the posts.

Facebook entangles you in the advertisement: According to the personal information that you have been sharing on Facebook, they publish various types of publicity on your timeline.

This means that Facebook uses your opinions and your habits as well as personal information for business and use it for profits.

It is also bad for your health: According to various studies what has been proved is that the maximum use of Facebook affects the person’s disease-resistant system. Likewise, it stops the growth of hormone, limits the power of thinking, kills the good vibes and also concerns in the digestive system. With this, the maximum use of Facebook also create an adverse effect on your eyesight and also affects the happiness and the sleepiness of people which has been proved by one of the studies.

Useless friendship with the people whom you don’t even know: According to one of the study, Facebook’s adult user have average 338 Facebook Friends. Among them, 10% of people are unknown as shown by the case study. Like this, it is useless making such friends whom you don’t even know and Facebook users waste their time on such unwanted activities.

The reason behind tension: According to psychiatrists, because of the use of Facebook people are facing lots of anxiety and desperation. If you are un-friending one of your Facebook friend who is opposed to you and you are tired of their useless comments, then understand that Facebook is creating a mental effect on you and now it has been time for you to leave Facebook.

Facebook is discouraging you: According to the study, with the maximum use of Facebook, in people deviation, discouragement has been increased. Friends’ continuous Facebook posts, and the comments out there and likes and also the pictures of your friends in various places may discourage you.

Your posts don’t get much like and comment and also feeling wrong about yours’s friends photo of various places that you have never been hurting you and also desperation is produced because of which mental disease has been created as said by the experts. With that, Facebook also creates a difference in behavior and language problem in people.