19th November 2022, Kathmandu

The House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly Member Elections are scheduled for Mangsir 4th, and voters are all set to cast their ballot for their representative.

For those still unaware of the voter’s information and polling booth, the election commission has made it easy to acquire all this information efficiently through the Nagarik app.

The Election Commission has said that information on voters and polling stations for the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly Member Elections, 2079, can also be obtained from the Nagarik app.

The Commission has also given information on how to find the voter serial number and polling station from the App.

If you also have the Nagarik app on your smartphone and it has been verified, you can find the voter serial number and polling station from the App mentioned below.

  1. First of all, link your voter ID card to the Nagarik app.
  2. The voter serial number and polling station can be viewed if you know your voter ID and date of birth.
  3. Click on the voter ID card button. And on the right side of the screen, your Voter Serial Number is mentioned above the photo, and the name of the polling station where you will vote is mentioned in the last line.
  4. The details of the polling station in which line you have to sit will be displayed. A Google Maps icon appears at the bottom. Touching it will show your polling station address (if polling station GPS details are available).
  5. The map displayed in the App is as per the details in the Commission. If a polling place has changed, the map may have also been updated. If the center is adjusted and not visible on Google Maps, check it from the local level and vote.
  6. The actual serial number will be available from the App. This serial number can be used to vote, but it is not a voter ID card. The voter’s identity card or the card specified by the Commission should be carried along for voting.


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