Foodmandu Partners

11th October 2020, Kathmandu

Foodmandu Pvt. Ltd., a ten-year-old, first of its kind in on-demand food delivery service, has partnered with Doctors on Call Nepal (DOC). Foodmandu is seeking expert advice on the health and safety of its staff members and, most importantly, customers. In an attempt to ensure good health and safety of all those involved in the company, Foodmandu has signed an MoU with DOC wherein the latter plays the role of a health and safety consultant.

To ensure and assure customers that ordering from the platform is safe and that it continues to take preventive safety and hygiene measures across its sites. DOC has helped Foodmandu in prioritizing safety measures, reinforcing screening protocols, formulation of HR policies, educate employees on COVID-19 symptoms and prevention through training and workshops, Align IT systems and support to evolving work requirements, online doctor consultation for employees and their families round the clock, and contingency plans for the company.

Foodmandu also made efforts to implement safety standard guidelines with their partner restaurants in hopes of eliminating any safety gaps in the delivery cycle.

Through the duration of their association, DOC busted popular myths surrounding COVID-19, implemented new safety standards in the office, and overall delivery process. From setting up a disinfection zone for rider vehicles and bags to holding COVID-19 awareness workshops for employees, setting up sanitization station across the company, the experts addressed all safety-related concerns to facilitate the smooth and safe functioning of the company.

A notable change in Foodmandu operations during its association with health experts is perhaps the discontinued use of gloves by delivery riders due to its irrational utility. Experts from DOC made aware of the false sense of security gloves of any nature can provide to the wearer. Experts educated employees on how the COVID-19 virus can survive on gloves just as it can on bare hands and its transmission risks. Employees across the board were advised to prioritize washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and sanitizing hands over wearing gloves.

Foodmandu’s new promise is to ensure that not only hot but safe food delivery to all its customer’s homes.


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