Websites for Free Using GSM Mobile Data

24th July 2020, Kathmandu

Did you know that you could browse government websites absolutely free of charge using GSM mobile data?

In fact, Nepal Telecom started this service from Baisakh 1, 2074. GSM users can get access to and browse about 600 websites for free.

The company launched this service with the objective to provide easy public access to government information and data. With the increasing usage of mobile phones and mobile data, it is only fair that the public has access to some free government websites and their services.

So far, about 600 government websites that run on domain can be accessed for free through the GSM mobile network.

*According to NTC’s website, the service is available on Mobile Handset’s web browser only (installed by default).

Complete List of the Free Government Websites

Here are the government websites that Nepal Telecom provides access for free:

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