Key Health Indicator Dashboard Nepal

Dashboard to View Progress on Key Health Indicators of Nepal

The government of Nepal (The Ministry of Health and Population) has developed a web portal where you can view and download updates about the health indicators of Nepal in the form of various graphs, percentage, and concise points. The primary purpose of this portal is to keep track of the health indicators of Nepal and make it available to the general population all over Nepal.

It looks up the current data and previously collected data and compares them and represents the increase and decrease in numbers via percentage.

The dashboard’s homepage shows:

  • Place of delivery: health facility (institutional deliveries in percentage)
  • Maternal mortality ratio
  • Pregnancy-related mortality ratio
  • Children with diarrhea (diarrhea prevalence in portion)
  • Under five child mortality rate (5 years periods)
  • Total fertility rate 15-49
  • Married women currently using any modern methods of contraception (CPR in percent)
  • Children stunted (in percent)
  • Children wasted (in percent)
  • Neonatal mortality rate (5 years period)

All of the mentioned topics are considered to be the leading indicators of health in Nepal.

The site also provides statistics based on geographical division, education level, ethnicity, and economic status of people from all over the country. This site shows the target numbers of various indicators that the Government has planned to achieve by 2030, according to Sustainable Development Goals.


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