Fun Park in Birgunj

9th September 2022, Kathmandu

A fun park has come into operation as an entertaining zone for children and youth in Birgunj.

Chachan Group of Birgunj has invested in the fun park, which is operating under the name of Thrill Factory.

Nikhil Chachan, the owner of the fun park, informed that the fun park has been put into operation for 60 million rupees inside the Chachan Group’s Narayani Refinery Industry in Chainpur Bara of the Birgunj Pathalaiya Industrial Corridor.

The fun park which operates from 9 am to 9 pm has arranged for playing 15 games including temple park, roof course, zip line, zip cycling, 360-degree cycling, bull karting, human Jiro, shooting, cricket, and jumping.

It is said that the fee has been fixed for activities ranging from one hundred rupees to six hundred rupees. The fun park, which can serve more than 100 people at the same time, also has a restaurant for eating and a hall for birthday celebrations.

The fun park built on 10 acres of land is the largest in Birgunj. The necessary play equipment for the fun park has been imported from India and China.

The Chachan Group has said that realizing the need for a modern fun park for the children and youth of Birgunj to do entertainment and sports in the modern era, this fun park has been brought into operation.

Earlier, Birgunj did not have a special fun park for the entertainment of children and youth.


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