11th December 2020, Kathmandu

Global coding challenge is an online coding competition between participants around the world. This competition is designed and built by Credit Suisse. The Global Coding Challenge 2020 has just been completed. The competition was organized by the Swiss Global Investment Bank.

The three-week-long competition was held from October 19 to November 9. During this time period, all the participants are given nine coding problems to solve. They can modify and improve their codes as much as they can during this competition.

How to participate?

You can participate in this global competition in just a few steps.

  1. Register with GitHub: Use your GitHub username to signup for the Global Coding Challenge.
  2. Refer a friend: Refer your friend to boost your engagement score and get the Social Butterfly Badge.
  3. Solve questions: Solve the questions using Java, Python, C#, C++, or JavaScript.
  4. Submit your code: Submit your code through the submission processes you prefer to be evaluated by the automated testing system of the Global Coding Challenge.
  5. Earn points: Submit efficiently and quality codes to earn points, and also earn bonus point badges to supplement your scores.
  6. Win prizes: Winners will be announced and will be awarded various prizes.

In these six steps, you can complete the coding challenge.

Prizes for the winners

The winner of the Global Coding Challenge 2020 will receive a Macbook Pro. Similarly, the top 3 winners from each region will win the iPhone, Smart Watch, and Portable Bluetooth Speaker accordingly. The participant with the most engagement badges will be awarded Apple iPad Pro and Bose Noise Cancelling HeadPhones.

Winners of the Global Coding Challenge 2020

Atish Shah Rauniyar, who is studying at the Institute of Engineering Studies under Tribhuvan University, has become the winner of the Global Coding Challenge 2020. Computer engineering student Rauniyar became the first from the ‘Rest of the World’ category in the competition which had 176 participants from all over the world.

Separate coding challenges were organized for the UK and Ireland, India, USA and Canada, Switzerland, Southeast Asia (Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong), Europe, and the rest of the world.

Rauniyar has scored 235 points in Bonus, 2201.25 in Easy, 1999.66 in Medium, and 2190.49 in Hard and has scored a total of 6626.40 points. Eric Chan of the University of New South Wales is second in the rest of the world. He has scored a total of 6570.56 points. Along with the prizes, Rauniyar will also get an internship at the organizing bank.

This is the moment of pride for all the Nepalese, that a coder from Nepal has won such a prestigious award. We wish all the best for the future to all the winners and the participants. Hope that in the coming year more people will participate from Nepal and again bring this award home.


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