ClassicTech Vs Vianet

11th December 2020, Kathmandu

ClassicTech vs Vianet: Which is better?

Which is better ISPs in Nepal? The Internet has become one of the inseparable parts of our lives. Our day-to-day life revolves around the internet. From communication to entertainment purposes, we are dependent on the internet.

The Internet has become a global means of communication. Even to kill our time or to gain knowledge about a specific matter, we prefer the internet. So, to fulfill all these needs, every household is getting an internet connection.

According to ISPAN, there are 43 registered ISPs in Nepal. While there are a handful of popular ISPs available, people are often confused on which ISP to choose. They often choose ISPs without knowing about them.

Classic tech and Vianet are some of the popular ISPs available in Nepal. Many are confused on which ISP to choose between Classic tech Vs Vianet. So, here we will talk about both these ISPs and know their plans and pricing.

ISPs in Nepal


ClassicTech which was established on 2009 has emerged to be one of the popular and largest Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Network Service Providers (NSP) in Nepal. They often come with different packages according to the demand of the users.

This popular ISP is trusted by Nepal Police Headquarters and many more. According to the users of classic tech, their customer care and downloading speed is really good.

They are located on New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. Their clients are growing enormously due to their reliable service.

They offer FTTH based internet with Prabhu TV. Prabhu Tv is the first DVBT2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial) service in Nepal. ClassicTech has amazing plans and packages which you don’t want to miss out on.


Established in 1999, Vianet is known for serving the internet via optical fiber. They offer high-speed broadband internet access at an affordable price. Like classic tech, Vianet provides a wide range of packages to its customers. They provide IPTV and VoD (Video on Demand) facility too.

It has been a long time since Vianet has been an ISP. Despite this, they haven’t been able to expand their business much. Vianet is operating in 10 districts of Nepal. The company suffered a major data breach recently. But, it’s solved now.

Vianet includes the following features into its internet package:

  • Ultraboost: Speed boosted up to 100Mbps for a fast workflow
  • Service Assurance: Compensation against internet outage
  • Via secure: Monitoring & controlling contents on the web for child safety

ClassicTech Plans and Packages

Package Name Duration Price
30Mbps Plus TV 3 Months Rs. 4,500
30Mbps Plus TV 6 Months Rs. 8,100
30Mbps Plus TV 12 + 2 Months Rs. 15,000
40Mbps Plus TV 3 Months Rs. 5,400
40Mbps Plus TV 6 Months Rs. 9,000
40Mbps Plus TV 12 + 2 Months Rs. 15,588
60Mbps Plus TV 3 Months Rs. 6,600
60Mbps Plus TV 6 Months Rs. 10,200
60Mbps Plus TV 12 + 2 Months Rs. 18,000


The additional charges on first-time installations are as follows:

  • WiFi Fiber Router Rental: Rs. 500
  • FTTH Cable: Rs. 500 (3 months, free for others)
  • ONU Deposit: Rs. 500
  • Classic Prabhu TV STB Deposit: Rs. 500 (primary & secondary)
  • Classic Prabhu TV STB Activation: Rs. 500 (primary), Rs. 1,500 (secondary)

Vianet Plans and Packages

Package Name Duration Price
Extra Value TV+ (30Mbps) 1 Month Rs. 1,550
Extra Value TV+ (30Mbps) 3 Months Rs. 4,500
Extra Value TV+ (30Mbps) 12 Months Rs. 15,000
Super Value TV+ (40Mbps) 1 Month Rs. 1,850
Super Value TV+ (40Mbps) 3 Months Rs. 5,400
Super Value TV+ (40Mbps) 12 Months Rs. 17,400
Max Value TV+ (60Mbps) 1 Month Rs. 2,250
Max Value TV+ (60Mbps) 3 Months Rs. 6,600
Max Value TV+ (60Mbps) 12 Months Rs. 21,000


The additional charges for new customers are as follows:

  • Fiber WiFi Device Deposit: Rs. 500
  • Installation Charge: Rs. 1,500 (12 months), Rs. 2,500 (3 months), Rs. 3,000 (1 month)
  • NETTV STB Deposit: Rs. 500 (primary & secondary)
  • NETTV STB Activation (Primary): Rs. 1,500 (12 months), Rs. 2,500 (3 months), Rs. 3,000 (1 month)
  • Additional STB Activation: Rs. 2,000


According to the customers, Vianet has not so good customer service and their internet breaks off from time to time. While it is totally the opposite in the case of classic tech, there is rarely someone who cuts off their ClassicTech line. Clients of ClassicTech are happy with their great services at such an affordable rate. In such a short period, classic tech has done a good job.

I am a classic tech user too and I’m happy with their service. I prefer ClassicTech over Vianet. As there are many users complaining about Vianet, here I am enjoying the services of Classic Tech. Hope that this article of ClassicTech Vs Vianet has helped you in some way to choose your ISP.

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