Inside Google's plan to build a smart neighborhood in Toronto

Google is an American multinational company. It specializes in internet related services. Google has also invented many technological devices. It as well creates the self-driving car. Their creations and inventions are wordless. But now Google has planned to build a smart neighborhood in Toronto.

For the plan of a smart city, Google has chosen the quayside area in Toronto. It is one of the most significant underdeveloped urban spaces in North America. Google parent’s company-owned Sidewalk Lab. And they also have a total budget of $50m for the smart city. Google quick consist of different advanced technology. It has a lane road for self-driving cars. And it has a peaceful community of grassy parks. They also have a modular building an underground tunnel with delivery robots.

Google aims to build a smart city. They also help in finding the solution to the traditional problems of cities. Their advanced technology may reduce the cost of housing. And they as well contribute to get rid of pollutions. Likewise, Google’s smart city concentrates on accommodation, transport, corruption, and others. New construction method and material for houses will costs less. And it too has flexible building designs. Google’s transport system is excellent. They have a dedicated lane for self-driving cars. And also have a real-time parking system. Cleaver recycling and energy efficient building create climate favorable.

Benefits and its challenges

Above profits won’t make the city prosperous. There are different smart cities in different countries. The towns like South Korea’s quick city and Portugal’s planned lively city. Google Company investigates on these cities. As a result, they found it unsuccessful. So, Sidewalk Lab is aware of these challenges. So they will be active on work of building community. And encourage people, community to suggest improvement in coming days.

Google Company decides to build a smart city. And it’s essential to win public support. And they conduct a civic engagement plan. Here they specify to consult and discuss Toronto residents. The method includes public talks, roundtable meeting. It also helps people to learn more about the project.

It’s a massive challenge for Google Company. If their plans get a failure, it won’t inspire other cities. The Quayside will be a testbed for many Alphabet technologies. And if they will succeed to build a smart city, they could earn money. They could sell blueprint of modular buildings. By which the advertisement of Quayside is breathtaking for other cities. And it’s become an excellent gamble for the Google Company to develop the smart neighborhood in Toronto.

For this plan, Google Company has time to figure it out. Google Company should develop ideas. They were listening to the public, and craft development plans. Google’s project final document should be approved first. And it was done by Waterfront Toronto. Also, the public and government bodies include on it. Though, Sidewalk lab has to charge a fee for its service.


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