Hundreds Of Apps Banned From App Store

Google has removed more than 100 apps from the iTunes app store which is collected secretly from anyone who downloaded them.

There are 256 affected apps made in China which were available worldwide on the app store. They were downloaded more than 1 million times. According to app analytics services source, DNA discovered the first problem.

The apps creator used software development kits from Chinese advertising company called Youmi which is allowed to put ads in their app.

But the company Yumi’s gathered information about the people who downloaded the apps including email addresses and phone serial numbers.

Source DNA didn’t say about the affected apps, but the company told about the problem. So Apple removed that app.

Apple said that the apps are using Yumi’s SDK which will be removed from the app store. This is due to security and privacy guidelines.

It is also said that the apps can be used but cannot be updated.

Apple said that they are working with app developers to update their apps by ensuring safe from a customer which compliance with app stores guidelines. The apps were banned from the store until it is fixed.

This is the third significant lapse in Apple app store security in the past month.

Apple banned a group of apps which were able to peek into encrypted communication between the installed iPhone and the server of phones.

The app store suffered a major attack which force apple to remove dozens of favorite apps that affected infected malware.