Google Webmaster Guidelines:You Should Follow

For your site to be visible and make good progress, these following points and guidelines will be of massive use. It will help Google, index, find and rank your website.

 Proper content and design :
  • While making a site make sure to indulge text links and hierarchy because every page should be at reach from at least a static text link.
  • To show the essential parts of your link, making sure you provide a site map to your user and in the case that your site map has numerous pages break them up in different pages
  • Maintain content that is important and resourceful with an accurate description.
  • Your site needs to contain key words that users might type to search your pages.
  • Google crawlers recognize only text, therefore use a book to describe content rather than images.
  • Search for broken links and fix HTML.
  • Since all search engine spider doesn’t crawl dynamic pages characters such as “?” should be kept in fewer numbers.

Technical Guidance :

  • Allowing your site’s assets crawled by Google can be beneficial to help the site’s fall content. Assets, i.e. (JavaScript files, CSS)
  • To save some bandwidth and overhead and allowing Google to re-evaluate your content from when it was last crawled, see to it that your site supports the if-Modified-Since HTTP header.
  • Avoid blocking the Google bot crawler by enabling the robots.txt file to current for your site.
  • Make sure your site appears appropriately in other browsers.
  • Ensure the performance and optimize the loading time since active sites result in user satisfaction and improvement in the overall quality of the site. This activity can be monitored by page speed, YSlow, Web Page test, etc.

Quality Guidance: 

  • Pages should be made primarily for the users and not the search engine.
  • Tricking users is no option.
  • Avoid improving web ranking by deceiving and using tricks as these actions might get your site permanently terminated.
  • Making your website more attractive, valuable and unique compare to others.

Avoid the following techniques :

  • Producing little to no original content.
  • Automatically generated content.
  • Sly redirects.
  • Hidden links or texts
  • Making content with the critical, irrelevant word.
  • I am creating infected content.

Engage in good techniques :

  • Monitor and delete hacked contents
  • Prevent and remove user-generated spams.