What Are Keywords And Why Are They Important ?

In simple terms, keywords are the type of words you enter in the description box in a search engine, for example, Google, Yahoo and so on. For instance, if you want to extract information about the best tourist spots all around the world, then you might type in “worlds best places to visit ” or “worlds top tourist spots.” A bunch of websites will then appear so that you can view their content choosing the best sources to your liking. If you’re a website developer, you might want to use keywords that people might type so that your website can appear as fast as possible in the search results.

For your website to get maximum views or clicks, you need first to analyze the type of keywords that a user might use and then implement them accordingly to your site.

The general things to consider while typing or choosing keywords for your site is to concentrate on what the other potential users or visitors might be using. Secondly, it’s better to minimize keywords per page. Lastly, try analyzing what your competitors might use as keywords and make proper decisions accordingly.

The tactics in using the best keyword are to envision what words a user might enter, for example, if you have a webpage about muscle cars then you might put in keywords like ” muscle cars, ”  but the way you think may vary totally from a users perspective. Therefore making your keywords a bit more diverse and versatile can also improve page ranking to some extent.

Stuffing too many keywords is also of no use if you think it will get your page rank high, in fact too much of optional keywords which is irrelevant to your content may result in getting your webpage penalized for possibly cheating the system for page ranks.
If you are doing SEO chances are a large number of people are also doing the same thing with even more resources and budget therefore instead of choosing one-word keyword its better if you consider on a specific phrase that your possible users might enter increasing your chances of your page being clicked or visited.