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23rd May 2022, Kathmandu

Government preparing for electronic health information system in all hospitals to manage the health records of the citizens

The government is preparing to implement an Electronic Health Information System in all hospitals to handle each citizen’s health information. The Ministry of Health and Population has begun the appropriate procedures.

The government is intending to launch the system in the fiscal year 2079/80. The ministry has requested that the finance ministry set aside funds for this purpose.

According to a Ministry of Health official, if the funds for the initiative are included in the upcoming fiscal year’s budget, Electronic Health Information System will be deployed in hospitals across the country.

The Ministry of Health has also proposed this topic in government policies and programs.

“An electronic health information system will be implemented in all hospitals to manage the health records of every citizen,” the ministry said in a proposal for the policy and program.

EHR is a system that safeguards the information of patients who are taken to a hospital for treatment. By taking preventative measures more proactive and data-driven, many more diseases can be recognized at the first warning signs or even sooner, saving countless hours of productivity and expensive medications and procedures.

Early diagnosis of epidemics by disease prevalence tracking patterns can save the government and its inhabitants a lot of money. Another cost aspect is an ICT solution; the patient does not have to travel around in numerous locations carrying paperwork.

The system safeguards the patient’s information from the time of admission through the time of treatment and leaves from the health institution, as well as the laboratory’s information.

The details of the patient who arrived at the hospital can be simply viewed from the number provided to the patient. Reviewing the patient’s disease history, medicine being used, and previous health check-ups will make it simpler for the patient to proceed with further treatment.


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