Hacker Halted | Hackers Are Here ! Where Are You?

So, what are Hackers? Are you prepared? Hackers are the skilled computer programmers and experts that use their technical knowledge to solve the problem. They seek to break systems weakness in a computer system or a computer network. These hackers can gain unauthorized access to a computer system to commit another crime in a computer system or a network. It can be of like destroying the information of a system, gaining the specific vital details of the business company and blackmailing, etc.

There are various cases of hacking in a today’s world. Cybercrime is increasing day by day by the hackers. Computer crimes like Fraud and financial crimes, Cyberterrorism, Cyberextortion, Cyberwarfare, Harassment etc. must win more. Various innocent people have been the victim of the hacking. Hackers are here- are you prepared for it.

Since the hackers are increasing day by day so are you prepared for the protection against the pirates. What will you do if your business banking account or vital document regarding the company has been hacked by unauthorized personnel’s? So here are some tips to help that preparedness happen.

  1. Understanding the system completely

The first step is to have a good understanding of the system and their components correctly. Otherwise, if the hacker has found the system user is not familiar with, then he or she can stay in power in that system locking you out until you fall in their demands of the hackers. So, if the user understands the system and its components correctly, then the user can be sure of removal of hacking presence.

2.Take the threat seriously

Today various large, as well as small sized corporations, have been the targets of the hackers. They are stealing the data from the movie studios, retailers, secured government agencies. So, from this, we should have to be acutely aware of taking the threat very seriously and applying the necessary remedies for it early.

  1. Insurance

It is one of the most critical steps. If by any means your company transacts a significant business on the internet then the company should consider using insurance as the potential loss that could result from the data breach in a company. So, for the protection from these threats, it is becoming a liability for a company.

4. Avoiding Public WI-FI

The easiest way for the hackers to gain the information or to collect the data when the user ’s unsecured Wi-Fi networks. So, any business operation that requires authentication should be on a secured system.

5. Using strong password security

The users who are using less secured passwords can be easily hacked than the users using strong passwords. Nowadays the users are also using a fingerprint as well as the facial recognition features for robust security for the computer system or in the network.


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