2nd May 2021, Kathmandu

The name after the merger of Himalayan and Nepal Investment is ‘Himalayan and Investment Bank’. The two banks of Nepal: Himalayan Bank and Nepal Investment have merged together as of now.

The merger’s name has been settled upon by Himalayan Bank and Nepal Investment Bank. The merger committee decided to rename it as ‘Himalayan and Investment Bank.’

Similarly, an agreement on the CEO has been reached. It has been decided that the current CEO of Himalayan Bank, Ashok Shamsher Rana, will stay on for another two years. And then Jyoti Pandey, the current CEO of Investment Bank, will take over.

The chairman has already reached an agreement. Investment Bank Chairman Prithvi Bahadur Pandey will be the chairman.

An MoU will be signed in a few days because there are no issues left to resolve.

The merger committee’s agreement will now be studied by the boards of directors of both banks, and an agreement and an MoU will be signed.


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