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2nd May 2021, Kathmandu

Kaha!! Is the new answer to the most asked question in our daily life?

Kaha meaning where?  Is the question we ask if we don’t have any information on the location we need to be, or go or have to call someone and also to report any incidents? Furthermore, Kaha being a vague question, it is used to ask about the information on any landmarks, places, restaurants, houses, offices, and those you may think of. Being of its kind localized application; it’s easy to use and interact with and also provided with the national language makes it even used for all range of users.


KAHA is the new tool designed to answer the most asked question in less than a few clicks now from your smart devices. It is an application designed to share the accurate location of any KAHA questions that arise.

Comparing the scenario of international practice and our country we find a huge gap on the topic of location identification. As in practice in many international destinations, we see the naming of the roads linked to the street codes and sub roads identification. With the use of mailbox and similar other services, there never have been any problem related to the identification of the location.

Imagine today the current situation of location-identifying practice in Nepal. We generally answer the question Kaha? With nearby landmarks and symbolic guidance to connect.

Scenario 1:

“Where are you? Answered with the phrase like, come near the bus stop take a left and you will see a shop, cross the shop to 5 houses, you will see a black gate, when you will be there call me, I will come to receive you.”

Scenario 2:

“Sir this is ABC Company and I am here to deliver your product, where should I bring it? Replied with, come to setopul, you will see a petrolpump, come by the side of petrolpump and drive 200m towards anamnager. I will be standing on the road you will see me.? After an hour, sir I am at setopul now where? Replied with same answer.”

The above-mentioned conversations are not new to us, but here arises a big question about the system of locating someone or somewhere is the hardest thing to do and a lot more time-consuming process for identification.

Similarly, sharing a newly established business address, the property on sale, the place for delivery, the pickup points as well as events location and all are facing a similar problem and a question KAHA?

KAHA, being an application developed to address this question Kaha, now can give the answer with our Address tagging and sharing feature. Contact A can share an instant location tag to contact B to get connected at the decided location with just a tap.

Also being an established business you can pinpoint and get a permanent Tag (Your location Code) that could be used to share with your clients and prospects to help come to your doorsteps hassle-free.

After Installing Kaha.

Where are you? I have shared the Tag.

Imagine the smooth and easy location identification with the problem solver KAHA app.
Kaha being its kind application could also be used as an instant messaging application to not only share the location but also to do business and sell services through the instant chat feature. Also, the temporary tags with added message notes could be used to report any unusual events to the respective departments, such as the location of the accident, theft, fire, threatening activities, and all.

KAHA application provides the space for you to register as a general user and business. General users will be given permanent tags for frequent location and would be private, whereas for business the Permanent tags will be visible to general users which will be key for them to connect instantly.


General User:

 Share instant temporary tags to get connected with Contacts. Find the tags of your desired restaurants, hotels, or any business providers.


Get permanent tags and share the tags so that users could identify the pinpoint location with instant share as well as get listed in-app for a user to access the information and choose services.

Schools/Colleges/Educational Services:

Get permanent tags and share at the time of admission for the new students in town to easily locate the institution.


Get permanent tags and create multiple property tags to share with the interest holders.


Get permanent tags and share the location as well as receive tags from the user which could be further shared with logistic or used by self to make the hassle-free delivery. Transportation services: Share or receive tags for accurate pickups.


Register your business with KAHA and place your business in the digital world. Use as a delivery tool for hassle-free location identification. Deal directly with your clients and get the active power of conversion.

Download the KAHA Apps: Click Here


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