Dollar Prepaid Card Nepal

1st April 2021, Kathmandu

As NRB has allowed issuing prepaid cards, many banks have launched their prepaid dollar card. Now Himalayan Bank has also added to this list.

Himalayan Bank Limited has launched the “HBL Dollar Prepaid Card” service in order to facilitate international payments.

Himalayan Bank account holders can use this service to obtain prepaid cards worth up to $500 per year.

Furthermore, account holders will be able to make online purchases once or twice a year. By purchasing goods and services worth up to  $500 from e-commerce sites in countries other than India.

The service is available in any branch of the Bank. Interested customers can either contact the nearest Branch Office or Card Department located at the Head Office, Kamaladi in order to get a card.

The bank has said that you can pay for the promotion of your business through social media.


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