How to transfer balance in Ncell

17 March 2020, Kathmandu  

Ncell prepaid subscribers can transfer or receive balance/money anytime and anywhere from their friend’s or family’s Ncell numbers. This Ncell to Ncell balance transfer applies to the main balance of the consumer’s mobile.

It is quite a beneficial service from Ncell. Wouldn’t you agree?

In this article, we look at how to transfer money/balance from Ncell to Ncell sim.

However, this article also covers how to transfer the balance from Ncell postpaid to Ncell prepaid along with recharging Ncell with serial number.

First, let’s be clear that the minimum balance that can be sent is Rs. 10 while the maximum is Rs. 200 at a time. Also, you can only transfer up to 3 times a day which means the max balance you can transfer is Rs. 600 in a day.

How To Transfer Balance From Ncell to Ncell Number?

The prepaid customers need to follow this step:

  • Dial 17122 to activate the transfer service for one time.
  • To transfer the balance in Ncell, 

dial *17122*<Receiver’s mobile number>*<Transfer amount>#

For example, I want to transfer Rs. 20 to a friend’s Ncell number, how would I achieve that?

I would dial *17122*98XXXXXXXX*20#

After a successful balance transfer, my balance thus gets deducted and adds to my friend’s mobile balance.

*Note: You can also use the mobile app to do the balance transfer.

Service Charge for Balance Transfer

  • Rs. 1 (exclusive of tax) per balance transfer. With TSC and VAT, each of 13% gets added, the total service charge becomes Rs. 1.28.
  • This means that I transferred Rs. 20 but my friend will receive a total of Rs. 18.76.
  • Another point to remember, if the receiver is liable to any balance loan from Ncell, the amount sent will also be deducted from the sent balance.

Many are curious about how to transfer the balance from Ncell postpaid to Ncell prepaid. Let me clear the confusion, you simply can’t!

Postpaid users do not have that privilege yet.

How To Recharge Ncell With Serial Number

You can surely recharge your Ncell number with the Recharge card serial number but, not in normal circumstances. In fact, this service of Ncell is a life-saver!

There are two methods of how you can recover the PIN and recharge your balance with the serial number.

Method 1: 

Consumers can register a complaint about their damaged recharge card for which they will need to enter the recharge card serial number. You can find the form at the PIN recovery webpage of Ncell. Also, you will need to enter at least 4 digits of the visible PIN number.

Method 2:

You can also call the Ncell customer care at 9005 and following the automated voice. You can then explain your situation about the damaged PIN number.

The operator will further guide you to recover your PIN code so you can continue to recharge your mobile phone. Also, you could visit the Ncell customer care center near you for this purpose.


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