Ntc brings Winter offer 2076 with attractive packages

16 March 2020, Kathmandu  

The NTC data pack has been more in demand since Nepal Telecom started its 4G service. Consumers use affordable Nepal Telecom Internet Package on their mobile phones be it GSM or CDMA (postpaid/prepaid).

Now, let’s talk about the broad range of packages that NTC offers on its internet services. In fact, you can get a volume of data in MB or GB with the validity of an hour, a day, or even up to 6 months. That’s gotta be some big data pack!

Above all, you can get a much affordable data tariff as compared to pay per usage. In this article, we go through all the existing NTC internet packages including the recent Winter offer.

List of Nepal Telecom Internet Package

NTC internet packages can be summarized as follows:

  • Unlimited Data Pack
  • Day Data Pack
  • 1 GB per day Data Pack
  • Night Data Pack
  • All-time Data Pack including Big Volume
  • Social Media Pack
  • Streaming Data Pack
  • 4G Data Pack
  • ADSL Tariff
  • FTTH Tariff

GSM users can simply activate a convenient data pack using USSD code, SMS or mobile app while CDMA users have to send SMS with the data pack code or use the mobile app.

Go through below to find out all the codes to subscribe to the NTC internet package.

Unlimited Data Pack

There are two variants of this pack: Nighttime and an hour. The night data pack can give up to 245kbps after using up full speed up to the first 1 GB volume.

Price in NRs Data Validity SMS Code
18 Daily Unlimited 1 Night NUNL
20 Unlimited Data, Voice, SMS 1 Hour FDPACK
90 Weekly Unlimited 7 Nights UNL7


Day Data Pack

Indeed, this data pack is valid for 24 hours.

Price in NRs Data in MB Validity SMS Code
10 80 MB 24 Hours Data80MB
20 200 MB 24 hours Data200MB


1 GB per day Data Pack

This one is for the heavy data volume users. You will find a daily, weekly or 28 days option in 1 GB per day data pack. Furthermore, you can get data volume as low as 3 paisa per MB in this pack.

Price in NRs Data in GB Validity SMS Code
45 1 GB 1 Day 1D1G
250 7 GB 7 Days 7D7G
850 28 GB 28 Days 28D28G


Night Data Pack

A bit strangely timed, but, NTC data package is also valid for night time only. You can use this data pack between 11 pm to 6 am.

Price in NRs Data Validity SMS Code
12 400 MB 1 Night Night400MB

All-time Data Pack

Now let’s see the plans and price details of NTC’s largest volume data package. In fact, the cheapest data tariff for the all-time package is around 5 paisa per MB (for the largest data pack).

Price in NRs Data in MB Validity SMS Code
15 60 MB 1 Day Data60MB
25 250 MB 1 Day Data100MB
60 300 MB 7 Days Data300MB
100 700 MB 7 Days DATA700MB
260 2000 MB 28 Days DATA2000MB
500 6000 MB 28 Days DATA6000MB
700 14000MB 28 Days DATA14000MB


Big Data Pack

On its 16th Anniversary, NTC launched a big all-time data pack with 30 GB and 60 GB volume data packs. These are valid for 90 and 180 days respectively. Moreover, you can even use a portable 4G device and share the data from WiFi.

  • 30 GB data pack – Rs. 1600 (Valid for 90 days)
  • 60 GB data pack – Rs. 3000 (Valid for 180 days)

Social Media Pack

The NTC social media pack includes the usage of only the major social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The period ranges from 1 day to 7 days. However, its usage is only limited to these and only these sites.

Price in NRs Data in MB Validity SMS Code
10 70 MB 1 Day FB60MB
35 250 MB 3 Days FB250MB
65 600 MB 7 Days FB600MB


Streaming Data Pack

Obviously, there had to be a data pack for video streaming purposes. This data pack allows the usage of either YoutTube or NTC’s very own Video OTT app called Wow Time mobile app.

Price in NRs Data in MB Validity SMS Code
15 300 MB 1 Day YT300MB
30 650 MB 3 Days YT650MB
60 1400 MB 7 Days YT1400MB


4G Data Pack

Since the launch of 4G services, NTC provides a 4G data pack with double data volume. For activating these data packs, you need to have a 4G compatible SIM card.

Price in NRs Data Validity SMS Code
25 400 MB 1 Day 4G400MB
100 1000 MB 7 Days 4G1000MB
240 3 GB 28 Days 4G3GB


ADSL Tariff

The ADSL service of NTC allows you to use data internet at your home or your office. As a matter of fact, it has two variants.

ADSL Volume-based

Data Volume Price in NRs. Speed Validity
15 GB 200 Up to 5Mbps 30 Days
25 GB 300 Up to 5Mbps
40 GB 400 Up to 5Mbps


ADSL Unlimited

Package Price in NRs. Speed Validity
1 Month Unlimited 800 5Mbps 1 Month
6 Months Unlimited 4300 5Mbps 6 Months
12 Months Unlimited 8000 5Mbps 1 Year


FTTH Tariff

The Fiber internet service of NTC also allows you to use data internet at your home or your office. Similar to ADSL, It also has two variants as of now.

FTTH Individual User Package

Validity 8Mbps 18Mbps 35Mbps 55Mbps
1 Month Rs. 800
3 Months Rs. 2300 Rs. 4600 Rs. 500 Rs. 6300
6 Months Rs. 4300 Rs. 8000 Rs. 9200 Rs. 10300
12 Months Rs. 8000 Rs. 13800 Rs. 16000 Rs. 18400


FTTH Corporate User Package

Validity 10Mbps 20Mbps
3 Months Rs. 10300 Rs. 19500
6 Months Rs. 18400 Rs. 36800
12 Months Rs. 34500 Rs. 69000


Quite a lot to choose from, right? At least you get the best and affordable data packs for your convenience. But, what about how to take the NTC data pack?

How To buy NTC Data Pack?

Just follow these simple instructions to subscribe to the NTC data pack that suits you.

  • Dial *1415# and select the data pack that you want to use (may also include Seasonal offers or festive offers). However, this method is only valid for GSM mobile.
  • You can also send the Data pack code to 1415. For CDMA mobile numbers, you have to find the SMS code and send it to 1415 since they cannot use the USSD.
  • For both GSM and CDMA, simply login to NTC mobile app and go to “Buy Data Pack”. Select the data pack of your choice and get it.


Consumers can get several Nepal Telecom internet packages and data packs from 1 hour to months. After all, these packages are quite affordable and users can select them at their best convenience.

What do you think about the price of NTC internet and data packs? Should they go down more or are they as reasonable as they can get?

Let us know in the comments!

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